Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you do a credit check?
A. Yes we do, however, we don’t base our entire decision on your credit score. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Your credit report also documents your identity.

Q. Do you do a criminal history check?
A. Yes we do. This is an area very important to us. We must protect our owners and neighborhoods at all costs.

Q. Do you require paycheck stubs?
A. We must be able to verify your income. For self employed, Bank statements, tax records will do.

Q. Do I need to show an Id?
A. Yes we will need two forms of valid Id. Typically a Drivers Lic. And a copy of your SS card.

Q. Do I have to pay a fee to be checked out?
A. Yes in most cases.

Q. How long does a review take?
A. If your application is presented at the beginning of a business day, usually we can have an answer that same day. If you have a common name like Smith or Adams it can take longer.