About Us

This is a family owned and operated management company,

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We take great pride in offering a technology savvy family company that actually knows all the owners and tenants by name. We never want to become so large that our owners and tenants become just a number, or so large that we can’t possibly know what is happening at each home we manage.

We look to manage effectively, not to just collect rent; to actually care about our clients Investment property, like our own. 

To make our knowledge and ideas for your Investment known to help you grow into the future-making your property stand out from the rest.

We do monthly drive by, and a twice yearly walk through on all our managed properties. We stay in contact with our owners and our phone calls and e-mails are always returned promptly.

We love what we do. We will always act in the best interest of both owners and tenants. If it isn't good for everyone involved, than it isn't a good fit for us. We do not take every property that comes our direction, in the same manner; we don’t rent to just anyone.

We have a certain number of properties that fit our criteria. We need to be able to react quickly on a turn over; or emergency situation- we also have very trust worthy vendors who have the same integrity we have, and we are comfortable and secure in their knowledge and pricing to our clients.

We have a staff of three full time family members,as well as several independent contractors that we can draw upon as needed, all of us work from our homes. We are always near our phone and e-mail and are able to work from anywhere anytime. Although our hours are typically 9-4 Monday through Friday we adjust for special circumstances as needed.

We screen all our tenants, however, we believe that sometimes bad things happen to good people, so a complete background check will determine the real integrity of the situation. Credit reports are not our only means to determine  integrity but it does document an episode plus define identity, so we always pull a credit report. It draws a picture, along with employment history and banking information and previous mortgage or rental history. We also combine that with a 50 state criminal history check.

Finding quality tenants makes all the difference and makes everything click.

Our Most important goal is to be the most sought after property management company by property owners and tenants.

Our Staff:

Curtis Jasper (Property Manager) - Curtis brings a Masters degree in Business Management and over 30 years experience in buying, selling and managing residential, and commercial properties. He is a tireless worker who is devoted to providing top-notch customer service.

Carstens Jasper (Property Manager) - Carstens has a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and has over 10 years experience performing maintenance and repairs on various residential and commercial projects. Carstens has worked hand in hand with his father Curtis to successfully remodel and landscape several residential and commercial properties for both resale and to rent.